Ways 2 Save

Below is a list of some of the memberships we have and some “ways 2 save.”

Harvest Host

At first I was reluctant to join Harvest Host, as Mike and I don’t drink wine or beer; I didn’t think we would use it that much to pay for itself.  However, after doing some research Harvest Host has so more to offer than just wineries and distilleries.  They have farms, museums and for an additional fee golf courses.   Also most wineries and distilleries have restaurants, which is nice to have a dinner and not have to cook after a long travel day.  I am happy to report that after having it for about 8 months and have stayed at 4 host, we will continue our membership and look forward to visiting more host along our route.

By clicking on the link below, you will receive a 15% discount off your new membership.

Harvest Host


Thousand Trails

Another membership I was hesitant to sign up for, but am happy Mike talked me into it.  This membership has saved our budget, especially with wintering in Florida.  We have kept our Florida monthly camping budget below $800 a month in 2020 and below $600 a month in 2021.  Some campgrounds are nice and some are packed in, similar to KOA’s. We like to do a mix of Thousand Trails and state parks to help the budget and get a nice mix of campground styles. Most Thousand Trails campgrounds have swimming pools, pickle ball courts, etc, so they can be like a resort.  We are even planning to upgrade our membership in the future to take advantage of longer stays which means saving more money, plus the other benefits of upgraded membership.

By clicking on the link below, you will receive a $100 off your new Thousand Trails Camping Pass.  This offer is only good for two weeks once you click on the link.


Passport America

We use this membership of campgrounds as a backup to a backup and we have saved money with this membership.  What is a Passport America membership?  Select campgrounds offer Passport America members up to 50% off a stay.  This membership pays for itself usually after your first or second stay.  I always call the campground first to confirm 1. They are still Passport America (PA) members, because the PA website or app are not always up to date.  2. What are the guidelines for using the discount, because each park is different (usually limited to a couple of nights in the middle of the week). Finally, 3. If they have availability, can they accommodate our rig and what are the hook-ups. 

I have to say, all the PA we stayed at, the managers were nice and accommodating.  All of them told me upfront if they were still part of PA and if they were not they still gave us a discount anyway if we stayed with them.  Yes some park stipulations were confusing and some accommodations were crowded, but to help my budget I’m ok with that.  I look at it this way, Passport America is better than a Walmart.  Not that I don’t mind staying at a Walmart, but sometimes I want some hook-ups.

Click on the link ad below to sign up for a membership with Passport America.


This membership is one of my favorites because it is the one we use the most because this has saved us so much money, the TSD Logistics EFS Card.  Do you want to save money on diesel fuel?  Of course you do.  Then you want to sign up for this membership.  Here is how this works... 1. Sign up for the program and don’t forget to put Mike Devine under referred by line on the application.  2. Go to one of their affiliated gas stations and save up to 10% to 15% on your fuel. They are affiliated with most truck stops Loves, Pilot, Flying J, etc. You have to use the truck lanes in the back, which we like when we are traveling and pulling the trailer. Plenty of room to maneuver and won’t get stuck in the crowded car lanes up front.

Below is a link to the membership and how it works, don’t forget to put Mike Devine under the referred by line on the application.


My RV Mail

You need this service if you are becoming a full-time RVer, well at least I think so.  We have this for our mailing service.  Why My RV Mail?  1. It gives you a Florida street address for residency.  (I will write a blog post on setting up Florida residence in the future.)  2. We have the basic plan. We are lucky to use this mainly for legal documents (IE 401k info, taxes, etc.) as we have a family member which gets all our junk mail and can dispose of properly.  3. We determine how our mail is processed.  By that I mean when My RV Mail gets mail in our name they post it to our account. They send us an email and we can look at it online or on the phone app. We tell them what address to use to send it to us. We usually will hold it at My RV Mail until we get a few more pieces if we know it is not time sensitive. Many campgrounds (especially Thousand Trails campgrounds) will let us receive our mail while we are staying there or we can get mail delivered general delivery to a post office close to where we are staying.

If this is a service you would be interested in our affiliate link is below.


Affiliate disclaimer:

We are disclosing that these memberships above will earn an affiliate commission for us. By using one of our links above, you DO NOT pay more, however we do get a small affiliate fee for the sale.

We only list memberships that we have and use; and most of all like. These memberships have helped us save money and we wanted to share, because we believe they can help you save money as well.

Travel safe and God bless.