Monday, September 19, 2022

Good-bye Sweet Pup

 It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Mike and I said good-bye to our beloved Abby a few weeks ago.

She was 15 and having issues... back legs not working well, could not do stairs (up or down), pooping in the house and in the truck; plus falling down and having a hard time getting up.

God blessed us with her unconditional love for 13 years. She was loved and we will miss her deeply.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

From Florida to Montana - Spring of 2022

 We got a late start from Florida to Montana this year.  Our departure from John Prince Campground was early March, from there we went to Orlando for two weeks.  Thought it would be nice to get settled back into our home on wheels and my new work schedule.  We stayed at the Orlando Thousand Trails.  This campground is huge and the accommodations were nice, but the hot tub was lukewarm, definitely not Hot.  Mike and I did a lot of walking around the park and we ventured to Orlando to do iFly (indoor skydiving) for an early birthday celebration for me.

From Orlando we went to Crestview FL for a week to visit cousin Ryan and his family.  As always we had a wonderful time visiting with family.  My work schedule worked well with the boys school schedule since Crestview is in the Central time zone and I work Eastern.

From Crestview Florida we tracked to Mississippi and the Lord blessed us with safety from tornadoes that were near us.  We did get prepared because what they were predicting was going to be windy and rainy.  As we waited in anticipation, it turned out to be north of us and east of us… Thank you Jesus.

From Mississippi we journeyed to Texas and boy is Texas windy in the springtime.  We stayed outside of Dallas for two weeks and every day was windy and hot.  I like Texas but only in the early spring (February NOT March) and late fall, like November.  We stopped in Amarillo Texas for a week and were blessed that our paths crossed with our RV friends, Rob and Marie, so we went to the Big Texan Steakhouse to eat and catch-up with each other.  While in Amarillo we experienced a dust storm, witnessed a huge dust devil and went to the Cadillac Ranch.  Did I mention Texas is windy!

On our way to Page Arizona we stopped at Red Rock Campground outside of Gallup NM.  We stayed at Lone Rock Beach Campground outside of Page Arizona for a week before making our way to Montana for the summer.  The water of Lake Powell is so low that there is no water around Lone Rock. You can walk to Lone Rock.

We learned that when we head west from Florida we have to do that in early February to miss the tornadic spring storms, the wind and the heat.

Mike, Abby and I made it safely to Montana where we will be all summer.  Safe travels and God bless.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Winter in Florida

 Mike, Abby and I spent the winter in Florida from November to March.

We arrived at cousin Ryan’s home in Crestview on November 20th and stayed with them Thanksgiving week.  From there we made our way to West Palm Beach area for most of the winter.  My parents live in Delray Beach just south of West Palm.  We decided to put the camper in storage for a few months and live with them, this way we could spend more time with them plus God gave us discernment on what was going to happen this winter when we reserved our storage spot a few months prior.

So on Sunday, December 5th we put the camper in storage and on December 7th my Dad was admitted into the hospital because his defibrillator was malfunctioning.  They fixed that by changing his defibrillator to a pacemaker and did ablation on his heart.  He came home on December 10th.

On December 16th while scanning Indeed, I came across a job posting that read as if my former employer posted my previous job description; so I decided to submit my resume for the position.  The next day I received a request for an interview.  Had the interview the following Monday and was offered the job the next day.  I work for an IT company out of NJ as the IT Administrative Assistant.  My job is full-time with benefits and a 100% remote.  My supervisor calls me her Christmas gift, little does she know that the job is my gift from God.  God’s blessing comes in His timing.

On Christmas eve, Mike got a call from his step-dad, Jerry, that Mike’s mom, Mary broke her hip and had to have emergency surgery on Christmas day.  Jerry, himself healing from some health issues, asked Mike to come to help them, not only around the house, so they can heal, but help bring Mary’s spirits up as well.  This was the discernment from God - to put our camper in storage and for us to stay with my parents.  So Mike flew to Montana, January 6th while Abby and I stayed with my parents in Florida.  He was there for almost 5 weeks.  He flew back to Florida on February 8th.

While Mike was in Montana I stayed busy with my new job, plus still doing work for our business, Devine Web Design and being the newsletter editor and social media creator for Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) Montana.  While staying with my parents, I met new friends in the condo complex, we played cards and bocce ball twice a week.  Also visiting with Uncle Tom is always a lot of fun and a ton of laughs.

Mike and I took a Motorcycle Training Class while in Florida, to get our license endorsements.  For Mike this was easy, since he rode dirt bikes as a kid and knew the fundamentals of riding.  Me not so much, we all know how I did on the quad at roads and trails.  If not check out that blog post… Mike got a 100% on the written exam and riding exam.  I got an 88% on the written but failed the riding.  I need practice as this was my first time riding a motorcycle, but I am happy with my progress.  I know how to ride a bike with my feet on the pegs and didn’t dump the bike.  I can turn it, speed up and brake without freaking out but need more practice to build up my confidence.  Overall I had fun and plan to practice this summer and get my endorsement next year.

Before Mike went to Montana we found a church in Boca so Mom and I would go every Sunday while he was away.  Mom even got baptized the Sunday we left their condo and moved back into our camper, February 27th.

After getting settled in the camper again, we decided to move up to Orlando for a couple weeks before moving up north and west to Crestview to visit cousin Ryan and his family for a week before our trek west to Montana for the summer.

While in Orlando, Mike decided to treat me to my 50th birthday present in advance.  We went flying (indoor skydiving).  On my birthday we will be miles from nowhere, so why not extend my birthday into a month + celebration.  Originally we wanted to go to Alaska but with the COVID thing that put a wrench in our plans.  Flying was a lot of fun, I highly recommend it.  Worth it!

With my new job our traveling has changed. We slowed it down; travel on weekends to work during the week.  Also, you will notice that we are not on social media as much and our blog post will be maybe once every few months.  Life is busy and we will do our best to keep you posted.  Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get noticed when we update our blog.

As always God bless and keep you.  Safe travels and enjoy your life.