Monday, December 20, 2021

2021 Year in Review

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As tradition, this is our annual year in review newsletter.

Since we have been full-time RVing, we spend winters in Florida visiting my Mom and Dad.  While in Florida this year we met YouTubers Wayward Waggs, Dustin and Leslie at the Peace River Thousand Trails Campground.  Mike and I also went to the Tampa RV show.  Our friends, Keith, Susan and their son, Mark came down for a week and we stayed in Vero Beach.  Vero Beach is less than an hour away from Cape Canaveral, so we visited Kennedy Space Center.  We witnessed another nighttime rocket launch from Cocoa Beach.

Due to Covid, we decided to not visit New York this year, so from Florida we headed west and visited friends in Texas, Arizona and California.  Mike, Abby and I hung out in Las Vegas for three weeks waiting for a break in the weather to head north to Montana.  While in Las Vegas we met YouTubers, Switch It Up, Todd and Sheila.

We made it to Montana for Easter and my birthday, early April and stayed there until November 1st.  While in Montana, Mike and I got baptised at Abundant Life Fellowship Church in Butte, MT.  We became Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) Members.  Yes you can become a member and not have a motorcycle.  Well we don’t have one yet as there is alot of logistics… we would need a new rig.. A toy hauler 5th wheel and a new truck to tow it.  We visited family in Butte, Lewistown, Helena and Great Falls.   While visiting Aunt Betty we went to a rodeo at the Lewistown fair.  That was my first rodeo… ha ha ha.  We attended the Montana CMA State Rally and the CMA Roads and Trails.  Mike did some modifications to the RV, like changing our valances, put a friction hinge on the door, painted trim and a wall.

Mike and I started a business, Devine Web Design LLC ( and created the website for the Abundant Life Fellowship Church ( and manage their social media (Facebook and Instagram) accounts for them.  We also became the monthly e-newsletter editor and social media managers for CMA Montana State.

As in life, not everything is good news as Abby had an issue with vertigo early this year and that was a scary and costly vet visit.  She also had a UTI early this summer.  But we are blessed to still have her with us as she is 14 and half now but you would not guess as she is still very active just alittle more grey, like the rest of us.  I fell off a quad during Roads and Trails because of my cockiness.  Just some scrapes and bruises.  Nothing major, thank God.  Mike’s Grandma Bea and his step-mom, Yvonne passed away this spring.  We miss them so.  Our parents still have their health issues but hanging in there and we are so grateful to God for that, as that is the reason for our RV life.  We also had to replace all the rims on the truck as we had seven of eight lugs shear off while driving.  It cost us money, but it could have been alot worse.  For more on the lug issue check out our blog post… 

This fall again due to Covid we decided not to visit New York, we left Montana and headed south to Arizona to visit friends, then east to Texas and Arkansas to visit more friends.  While in Arkansas we decided to visit CMA headquarters in Hatfield.  Hatfield feels like home or maybe I say that because of all the signs and greetings that say “Welcome Home”.  From there we headed to Mississippi then home to Crestview Florida, where we stayed with Mike’s cousin Ryan and his family for Thanksgiving week.  Then home to Delray Beach Florida to spend Christmas and winter with my parents.

Mike, Abby and I want to wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year.  Let there be healing, prosperity, blessing, favor, peace and joy for you and your family in 2022.

God bless and keep you,

Melissa, Mike and Abby


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Our trip from Montana to Florida

 After six months in Montana, Mike and I trekked our way to Florida this November.

We left Montana on November 1st, our first destination for the night was a Cabela’s store in Idaho Falls.  Then the following day we traveled south of Salt Lake UT to a Harvest Host for the night.  On the third day we traveled to Lake Powell and Lone Rock for the night.  That was more than we had planned for.  This is a national park but we decided not to get the pass as we were not planning to visit a national park, so that cost us $30 to get into the park plus $14 to stay the night with no connections.  The water level was very low so the pictures were not that great.  After our Lone Rock stay we traveled through Page Arizona and visited Horseshoe Bend on our way to our four day destination of Mesa Arizona to visit our friends, Victoria and Keith.

After Mesa, we trekked northeast to stay overnight at a Cracker Barrel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At a truck stop, Mike noticed a sign at the pump limiting the number of gallons per fuel up.  Next was Texas for a few days before visiting Christian Motorcyclist Association in Hatfield, Arkansa.  We met up with our friends, Rob and Marie, and Tammy and Alan outside of Hot Springs Arkansa for a few days and made new friends, Tina and Charlie.  After Arkansas we stayed in Mississippi for a few days before making it to Florida.  We visited Mike’s cousin, Ryan, and his family for Thanksgiving week, then off to Delray Beach, Florida for the winter (until March).

Year in review will be posted next week.  Enjoy the Christmas season with your family and friends in good health, protection while traveling and many blessings from the Lord.

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