Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Products We WOULD NOT buy again:

 Here is a list of 5 products we WOULD NOT purchase again and why.

#1 - SureCall cell booster kit

Well like so many we had a misconception of what this actually does.  We thought the $486 system would have increased Internet speed so we could work from the road, but it does not.  We found out that all it does is help strengthen the cell signal for long range.  We used it once in the two plus years we have it to get one bar on our cell when boondocking.  We have a Pepwave system ($1,000) to increase Internet speed.

Check out Mobile Internet Resource Center video called mimo vs boosters: Do cellular boosters provide the best signal and data performance.

#2 - LevelMate Pro (not the pro plus)

So we got the LevelMate Pro device and app to save us time at setup, but from day one it never really worked.  Took time to connect to our phone app and sometimes would not connect.  Called LevelMate to troubleshoot the issue, they indicated that the receiver might be out of range, so we moved it not once but twice.  Finally moved it to the basement near the water system and still not worth the hassle.  LevelMate Pro cost us $140.  We purchased the bubble levels that stick to the outside of the rig for less than $11 and use them all the time.  I noticed that a YouTube channel is promoting using a level when setting up, not the levelmate pro; as they were before.

#3 - RV Trip Wizard

Mike wanted this to give it a try.  Me; I was happy with all the free apps to help plan our trip and map our routes.  So we paid $49 for a year and well… we will not renew.  Most campgrounds have dirt or gravel roads, so if you have the setting set to not route you on those roads it takes you out of the way and we found we double checked it and trusted Google maps more than RV Trip Wizard.  So paying $49 for a year of service and double checking against a FREE app everytime does not make sense to us.  Next month I will have an article on the free apps we use to plan out trips.

#4 - automatic transfer switch

Well after 1 ½ years our GoPower automatic transfer switch stopped working.  So what was automatic, now became manual due to a relay control board failure and because there is a parts shortage.  The automatic transfer switch cost us $150.  We had to purchase a manual switch anyway and that cost $26.  So you see where I am going with this?  

#5 - KOA membership

The KOA campgrounds are nice but pricey.  We really don’t have anything against KOA campgrounds, we just don’t seem to go to them.  These parks are great for families. 

The amenities are nice, people are friendly and the parks are clean and well maintained.  The main reason we cancelled our $39 membership is because of the price of the parks, they just don’t fit our budget.  Overnight stays cost between $40 to $100 per night, depending on where and when you stay and you do save 10% with your membership.  But for us it's not worth it.

Do you disagree?  What products did you purchase and now wished you hadn’t?  Let us know in the comments below.