Saturday, October 9, 2021

RV Decorating Mods - Summer 2021

This summer we did four decorating mods in our RV.  All these are budget friendly that anyone can do.

#1 - Valances

We changed the valances and I outline how to do this in the blog post link below.  The curtain panels we used from Walmart were about $11 for 2 panels, enough for all the windows in the RV.

#2 - Painting the slide trim on all three slides

Mike painted the trim on each slide (three) black.  It looks like a dry brush and it looks so much better.  We had the black paint so no cost, just time to do this mod.

#3 - Painted the bedroom wall blue 

Mike painted one wall in the bedroom blue to add a bit more color.  We used the same blue paint  from the kitchen / entry walls; so no cost, just time to do this mod.

#4 - Dining chair seat covers

We re-covered our dining area chairs.  I picked a blue pleather to make them easy to clean and keep with the blue color scheme.  Purchased the pleather from Amazon for about $10.

Not happy with the chairs but will do for now. Plan to replace them with a brown pleather storage ottoman for more storage. Like we have on the side of the loveseat.

What do you think?

Thank you and God bless.