Monday, August 16, 2021

What happened?

I wanted to give you all a follow-up on what happened last week.  If you missed it below is a link to our blog post on Our Worst Travel Day.

We had so many of you ask us… How did that happen?  What could have caused this?  As are we.  We came up with scenarios as to what would have caused us to lose (shear off) seven of our eight lugs on the driver side rear tire on the truck.

Scenario 1 - Over torque

When we were on the side of the road last Saturday a man pulled over to see if we needed help, he talked to Mike and said he was a master mechanic.  Mike told him the situation and he said that over torque could cause this as it happened to him.

Scenario 2 - Our torque wrench is out of calibration

I asked the mechanic that worked on the truck and he said it does happen.  Mike checked ours to his step-dad’s and that is not likely.

Scenario 3 - Forgot to check and re-torque

This could be the most likely scenario.  Mike just painted the rims a few days before our travels to Lewistown, then Fort Benton and back to Lewistown.  We forgot to recheck the torque on the tires before heading back to Butte.  The mechanic indicated that the lug nuts on the other tires were a little loose.

The mechanic had to replace the lugs by dropping the axle in the parking lot. Then they put on our spare tire since the rim lug holes were oblong due to the wobbling of the wheel.  This cost us $187.45 and we camped in Walmart parking lot for two nights.  We were going to try to just find a replacement (similar style) rim, but the style of rim we had was discontinued 8 years ago so it would be impossible to find a new one. We thought about going to a salvage yard but being these were custom wheels we were afraid that the offset, etc. wouldn’t match the existing rims. So we broke down and purchased new rims for all four wheels for $1,060.  Then the TPMS sensors in the tire needed to be replaced because of the rim style, that was $160.  Mike and I decided to replace our spare tire with one of the good old rims (since there was a size difference between our spare and tires), so that was $40 for a used tire.

I know this was a bit of money, but so grateful that it was not as bad as it could have been.  The mechanic said that when an issue like this occurs, the tire usually comes off the truck and as the truck drops down it will land on the loose tire and damage the fender, brake rotors, etc.. Luckily our one lug held the tire on and this didn’t happen to us. 

So what did we learn… 1. Not only check tire pressure before leaving, but also the torque on all tire lugs.  2. The Lord is with us.  He is with you as well.  

Travel safe.  Watch out for one another.  God bless.

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