Sunday, January 24, 2021

Set-up Check List

We use Multi List app on my cell phone to list our set-up tasks.  This way on one visit I can check them off and then after they are all checked I can uncheck them so I am ready for the next trip.

Here is my list…

                1a – Fill up on water (if our spot does not have hook-ups)
                1b – Open water vent if boondocking
                2a – Level and chalk
                2b – Plug into electric
                3a – Stabilizers and straps
                3b – Turn on Inverter (if not at 50amp hookup)
                3c – Connect to water
                4a – Unhook truck
                4b – Push mirrors in
                5a – Jack cover
                5b – Tongue lock
                5c – Turn off level mate
                6a – Slides out
                6b – Make sure Slide flaps are folded out
                7 – Turn on AC or Furnace or open windows
                8a – Turn on water pump if no water hook-ups
                8c – Turn on water heater
                9a – Alarm clock
                9b – Nick-knacks
                9c – Setup garbage can
                9d – check roof (every 2 months) or if trees scrapped roof

I used numbers to group and small letter to keep in order.

Next week I will post our departure list.  I hope this was helpful. 

Thank you and God bless.

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