Sunday, January 31, 2021

Departure Check List

As I use with our set-up check list, we use Multi List app on my cell phone to list our departure tasks.  This way on one trip I can check them off and the next trip uncheck.

Here is my list…

A1a – Fuel Up (done day before leaving)
A1b – Dishes
A1c – Clean windshield
A2 – Clean the camper and Vacuum the floors (done day before leaving)
A3a – Close Awning
A3b – Loosen awning nuts
A3c – Put Exterior stuff away
A4a – Check lug nut tork and tread depth
A4b – Check security of spare tire
A5 – setup RV Trip Wizard on phone with all stops
B1a – Put interior stuff away
B1b – Put bathroom stuff away
B1c – shake out rugs
B2 – Open blinds and close windows
B3 – Secure all drawers and doors
B4 – Lower TV antenna
B5 – Turn off water to washer machine
B6 – Turn off water heater
B7 – Turn off AC or Furnace or Fireplace
B8 – Secure Shower Door
C1 – Empty garbage & secure can
C2 – Drinks for the road
C3 – Snacks and dog treats for the truck & setup lunch for easy access
C4 – Turn off lights and fans
C5 – Close slides and doors
C6a – Pull out Truck mirrors
C6b – Check air bags
D1 – Hook up and add sway bars
D2 – Remove Stabilizing Bricks and straps
D3 – Unplug electric, water & cable  put away
D4  - Remove Chalks & Levelers
D5a – Turn off inverter
D5b – Make sure fridge turns to gas
D5c – Close water vent (boondocking)
D6a – Fold stairs, close & lock door & hold handle
D6b – Close & lock cubbies
D6c – Check rig lights
D7a – Empty tanks & close covers
D7b – Turn off water pump

I used numbers to group and small letter to keep in order.  We modify as needed or if things change or we don’t want to forget to do something.  I hope this was helpful. 

Thank you and God bless.

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