Sunday, November 22, 2020

Products We Love

Are you looking for ideas for Christmas for the RVer in your life?  Then, here are a few Mike and I use and love. 

We are not sponsored or partnered with any of these products or store affiliates.  These are just products we love and use and are listed in no particular order.

Ice Maker – We have a 3 way fridge but Mike likes ice for his Pepsi.  So we found ours at Walmart and make a batch once a month.  We store it under our sink.

Sticker Map – So far we visited 30 USA states and it is a talking point and motivator to keep exploring.  We purchased ours on Amazon.

Induction Plate, Toaster Oven & Egg Cooker – These are the kitchen appliances that I use regularly, especially on shore power, but Mike tied in our solar and inverter so we can use these appliances anytime.  Our plate we got through Amazon and the toaster oven and egg cooker we got at Walmart.

Portable Propane Fire Pit – We purchased our portable propane fire pit while staying at Lakewood in Myrtle Beach at the dealer next door.  I think we paid a $100, plus purchased a quick connect 6 foot hose.  We use this often.  Easier to get out, no smoke, start a fire and enjoy.  It does not use as much propane as you think and we don’t carry firewood, so it saves us money not having to purchase firewood at every campground.


Backup camera – We have the Furrion Observation Camera and like it for driving and backing up the rig.  They have them for about $500 at Amazon.  If we upgrade we would add the side cameras.

Anderson levelers – This system is easier than playing around with the blocks.  I recommend the rubber pads because they slide out on wet black top and sand.  Plus they have a lifetime warranty.  You can purchase them or similar systems at Amazon.

RVLock – We just have the door RVLock, but you can add to that and get the cubby hatch locks as well.  I like this system because we don’t have to carry a key when walking Abby and it has a remote to lock and unlock.  On Black Friday they usually have them on sale for about 20% off.

Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) System – For safety on the road, we have the EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitor System.  And this saved us from a flat tire.  We noticed a tire getting low on the system and checked it out at the next rest stop and it was a leaky valve, so we changed out with the spare.  You can get this from Amazon for less than $400.

Abby’s monitor system – cameras and temperature wireless monitor – To keep Abby safe on days we can’t take her with us to site see or run errands, we have two cameras in the rig that we can access from our phones to check on her.  One is WYZE and the other is Cam-Hi.  But you can use any baby monitor system that you can access from your phone from anywhere.  Also we have a temperature monitor system by Govee that we purchased at Amazon for about $40. 



Blackstone – We have the 17 inch Blackstone griddle with cover.  We cook everything on it from eggs and bacon, hamburgers, steaks, and chicken.  We love it.  Clean-up is easy.  Highly recommend for the cook in your family.  You can get the griddle, the cover (hood) and quick connect hose at Amazon for under $200.

Memberships – You can check out a link on our blog about the memberships we have, what we like about each, how much they cost us per year, how much some of us have saved us and if we would renew them.

Vacuum – We purchased a Shark Rocket with self-cleaning brushroller, since our other vacuum roller head was clogged and matted with my hair and Abby hair.  Mike tried cleaning the old $40 vacuum but no luck so we broke down and purchased the $150 vacuum from Walmart.  After 4 uses I can honestly say that there is no hair in the brushroll and our rug looks great, so I feel it works great and worth the money.

Our absolute favorite product and upgrade is our SOLAR AND BATTERY SYSTEM – Check out our blog post on our solar and battery setup.  Our estimated cost was about $5,000 to $6,000.  We are now able to boondock longer but with more amenities for cooking and watching TV.  With boondocking we are camping for FREE, so the system is already saving us money. and

I hope these help you find the gift you are looking for or added to your wish list. 

What product do you love?  Let us know in the comments below.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.  God bless.

***Note: the items in blue are a hyperlink.  Happy shopping.***

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