Monday, October 12, 2020

Pros and Cons of having a Dog while Full-time RVing

We love Abby.  She is our fur-baby, but there are pros and cons of having a dog during our full-time RV life.

1.   Abby is our 7 AM alarm clock every morning.  This is a pro in that we are up at 7 AM every morning.  Con, we are up every morning at 7 AM.

2.   We walk Abby every morning and evening when traveling, so the pro is she helps us stay somewhat healthy.  The con is we have to walk Abby even if it is raining and muddy.

3.  Abby is a great travel companion, pro.  But we do have to stop more often for her to take breaks, con if you like to keep going, but not for us.  We are ready to stop when she is ready.

4.  Abby is a very healthy 13 year old springer spaniel, but a con is the expense of having a dog... annual vet check-ups, medication (heart worm protection, flea and tick prevention) and grooming (nail trimming).  Pro is she is worth it and still cheaper than kids.  Abby is priceless.

5.  Con - dog hair is everywhere.  No matter how much you clean it still seems to get everywhere.  Pro she is so soft to pet and so cute to look at.  Love her so much.

6.   The biggest and best pro is she has unconditional love for us.  Abby loves us on our good days and bad days.  Con, her life expectance is short about 14 to 16 years.  Not long enough for us or any pet parent.  God willing she has a few more years with us.

Thank you and God bless.

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