Sunday, September 27, 2020


 Mike, Abby and I spent the summer (early June to early September) in Montana to visit Mike’s family (his Mom, step-dad, grandma, aunts and cousins).  Montana will be our summer home base.

The weather was nice, warm during the day and cool at night.  Well except for June 8th and September 7th, there was snow and cold.

While in Montana, Mike did some upgrades – solar panel install and upgraded our batteries to lithium.  We got new truck tires, as well.

We joined Mike’s Mom and step-dad in Cowboy Action Shooting event.  It was fun.  You dress like a cowboy, come up with a cowboy name, shoot at targets being timed.

Mike, Abby and I took a ride up to Ringing Rocks, which is between Bozeman and Butte.  You drive (four wheeling) up the road to the rocks and hiking trails.

Not much was open during CoVid, plus Mike’s Mom had some health issues (thank you she is doing better), so we didn’t do much site seeing.  We did take a tour of the Copper King Mansion.  It was $10 per person for a guided tour.  It is worth it during a cool or chilly rainy day.

While mooch-docking, Mike remodeled his Mom’s kitchen, stained his grandma’s fence and added more lights to his Aunt Betty’s barn.

So sad to leave, but we will be back next summer.

Thank you and God bless.

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