Sunday, August 30, 2020

Wiring of the Rig for Solar & Battery

 Why Solar and Batteries?  Why not just batteries and generator?

Answer: We installed solar and upgrade our batteries, so we can boondock more than overnight.  Our setup supplements power when we are hooked-up to 15 AMP house outlet or 30 AMP hook-ups.  Our solar hook-up is ready to go when needed, automatic.  It is an expense upfront and will take a year or two to make up the cost. 

Generators are loud and smelly.  We have to hook-up if needed.  They take gas that cost money every time you use it.  Generators should only run for a few hours, never overnight to be courteous to your neighbors. 

NOTE: We have a generator if needed, but prefer not to use it.  Mike makes sure it is in running order, in case we do need it.

How did you wire up the rig for our way of living and solar/battery power?

Answer: Below is a diagram of the setup.