Monday, August 17, 2020

Outside Modifications

Some of the outside modifications we did since January 2019 to present…

RV Locks (keyless entry) – one of my favorite.  You can go for a walk and don’t have to take keys.

Slam Locks for the cubbies, even the long under bed cubby. Mike disabled the turn locks on the bed cubby.

Rear cargo carrier and new LED tail lights.

Replace brakes and wheel grease seals, plus upgraded wheels from 15 inch to 16 inch and tires from Westlakes to Sailun S637 G Rated 14-ply tires, and stock suspension to MORyde SRE4000 suspension with heavy duty shackles and wet bolts.

Mike built storage boxes and put them under the camper near the rear to store leveling planks.

Fan covers on the roof, we added a bedroom air conditioner, plus installed solar (future blog post will detail the solar and battery upgrade/install).

We have an EezTire T515 tire pressure monitor (TPM) system, a Furrion Observation Camera and a       LevelMate Pro system.

Mike switched out the front lights from faded white to a blue and combined those lights with the awning lights and stair lights to a switch on the inside so we can easily turn on and off all these lights with one switch.  The inside switch will stay blue until turned off, so we remember to turn off.

Thank you and God bless.

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