Monday, May 18, 2020

Inside Modifications Part 1

Living room and Dining Area

·         We removed door above TV.

·         Turned the door on the left to open on the right.

·         Upgraded our TV to a 43” Roku TV.  **

·         Gorilla slip-cover on tri-fold sofa. **

·         Area Rug for warmth and a splash of color. **

·         We use museum putty on our lamps, statue and picture frame on the end tables to prevent movement while traveling **

·         We removed side curtains on all the windows.

·         Added Remote / Cell phone holder by theater seats. **

·         Replaced the light above the theater seat to one similar to the dinette, ordered that through our Grand Design dealer and made it controlled and dim-able with a remote. **

·         Removed two dinette chairs and added a storage ottoman for office files.  Added a servicing tray to use as side table.  So this is used for multiple purposes… office storage, seating for dining and side table. **



·         We replaced the microwave and vent hood with a microwave convection oven.  We removed the small cupboard next to the microwave but kept the door.

·         Since we removed the vent hood we needed a backsplash, so we ordered the beadboard paneling from Grand Design from our dealer.

·         The cabinet next to the oven is narrow, so we added a pull-out pantry. **

·         We had a roll basket that we screwed into the side of the island to store our dish towels and rags.

·         Installed a shade on the sink skylight. **

·         In our hutch, we noticed the drawers were getting very warm, so we added vents. **

·         We added a USB outlet to charge our tablet and phones. **

·         We removed the door by the control panel and took the small door from next to the microwave and add that to the top.  We like to have the control panel open and accessible.

·         We also have a battery monitor, inverter switch and built-in surge protector. **


I will post modifications we did in our bathroom, entry area and bedroom to the blog, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications.  We still have to show you the outside of our rig and outside modifications.

If you have any questions about our modifications, please put them in the comments below and we will be sure to reply to them.  Thank you and God bless.

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