Sunday, April 26, 2020

Staying In touch

How do we stay in touch with our family and friends while on the road?
Answer… phone, text, email, blog post, Instagram, Facebook post and messenger, video chat (Facebook, Skype and Zoom).
Our blog, Instagram and Facebook post are social media platforms we use to keep our family and friends informed about our adventures.  We regularly text, call and email our family and friends every couple of weeks.  But our favorite is video chat with my parents and brother’s family.
I’ve attended a happy hour with the people I use to work with via Teams.  My friends invited me to play Cards Against Humanity via the internet.  We scheduled a Zoom meeting, which I setup on my computer and then we all downloaded the app on our phone or tablet to play.  The game apps let us setup a private group play.  Playing games remotely through the internet is fun.  When the game was over we had time to video chat. 
The internet and technology offer so many options.
How do you stay in touch?

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