Sunday, March 1, 2020

Savannah, Georgia

Mike and I got to check a box of my bucket list… Savannah, Georgia.
What a beautiful city! 

We took the Old Town Trolley Tour of the city.  It cost over $70 for the both of us.  The complete ride took a total of 90 minutes with the driver giving insight to the history and points of interest sites along the way.  There are 15 stops and they have a hop on and off policy. 

Mike and I decided to take the whole ride to determine where we wanted to stop and sight-see.  Our first stop was Chippewa Square. This is the park that Forrest Gump sat on a park bench.  The bench is in a museum.  They also filmed the church steeple that the feather falls from that, lands at Forrest feet.

We walked to Mercer-Williams House at Monterey Square this is the house that was in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

From there we walked to Forsyth Park.

We waked to the Cathedral of St. John to catch the trolley.

Our next stop was East River Street where we shared some delicious banana pudding and chocolate ice cream cone.  It cost us over $9.  East River has plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy along the river.

We got back on the trolley at Cotton Exchange / Exchange Bell on West Bay Street.  Then back to our truck at the first stop.

There is still so much to see, that we will have to return.  Until we come to visit again.  Thank you Savannah.

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