Saturday, February 22, 2020

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Mike and I took a day trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia from our camp site at Walkabout RV & Camp Park in Kingsland, Georgia. Jekyll Island is about 30 minutes north from Kingsland. Jekyll Island was a vacation destination (club) for the rich and famous from 1886 to the 1940’s.  Members included such prominent figures as J.P. Morgan, Pulitzer (of the Pulitzer Prize), Vanderbilt, and Rockefeller.

I recommend going to the visitor center before the toll and ask them what to see for the day.  It cost us $8 to get on the island.  We went to the Mosaic Jekyll Island Museum and purchased our tickets for the trolley ride.  It cost $20 per person for the ride.  The trolley went through the historical district, a guided history tour through the town this also included two house tours, the DuBignon cottage (1st cottage on the island) and the Moss cottage. 

We added the Georgia Sea Turtle Center pass for an additional $6 to the trolley ride.  This saved us $3 each as it is regularly $9 at the Sea Turtle Center.  The center is a rehab center for injured or sick sea turtles.  We had an opportunity to see them give a turtle an exam and feed them.  It was very educational.

Mike and I walked over to the Faith Chapel to admire the Tiffany stain glass windows, “A” frame structure and gothic gargoyles.  The caretaker was more than happy to answer any questions you had.

We took a short ride to Horton House remains, to admire the strength of tabby.  Tabby a “concrete” made with equal part sand, oyster shells, ash and water.  Then off to Driftwood Beach.  This picturesque beach is an Instagrammer’s dream.  This beach features numerous driftwood trees.  From the beach we could see the tipped over Hyundai Glovis cargo ship that will be removed by the end of the year.

Mike and I really did enjoy our day adventure on Jekyll Island.  We highly recommend a visit.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


One of our favorite activities to do as a family is hike.  Here are some tips.
  • Plan your route.  We use AllTrails app on our cell phone to find a trail.  If at a state park we talk to a ranger about dog friendly trails and easy to moderate route that is about 3 or less miles.
  • Wear good hiking shoes or sneakers.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Wear sun hat or ball cap.  Don’t forget sunglasses.
  • Bug spray and sunscreen are good to have on hand.
  • Pack plenty of water for all you, including the dog.  Don’t forget a bowl for the pup.
  • Pack snacks.
  • A flashlight and bear spray, are good to have on hand, for safety.
  • Poop bags for the dog if you need them.  Remember to carry in and out or throw out in designated area.
  • Text someone before you go and let them know where you are and text them when you get back.

Benefits of hiking:
  • Great activity for your physical health, mental and spiritual health.
  • Anyone can do it.  Great for all ages and levels of hiking from easy to strenuous.
  • Quality family time.
  • A moment to disconnect from technology, except for AllTrails to plan and track your route.
  • You are out in nature.  Great views and critters in the natural environment.  Enjoy God’s creation.
  • In expensive.  Either FREE to very little cost to enter a park to start the trail.

Get out there and enjoy.

What other tips do you have?  What other benefits can you think of?  Let us know in the comments below.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Start / Organizing a Rally

Wish you had an RV rally close to you?  Start one and they will come.  Want to know how?

Mike and I were wagon masters for the WNY / CNY Grand Design RV Rally for 2018 and 2019 and here is how we started.

  • Pick a location
  • Contact the camping park management or owner and discuss time frame, facilities, etc.
  • Pick a weekend (Friday – Sunday) that is slow for the campground, they might give you a group discount
  • Post it on Facebook, forums, the RV Manufacture’s website, etc.
  • Contact the RV Manufacture for handouts or giveaways and a dealer in your area to work with
  • Contact the local dealer for giveaways, handouts and maybe a service tech to take care of small issues or someone for the round table discussions
  • Ask for volunteers/help for registration and organizing a pot luck dinner

It really is not that hard.    Our first rally started with me and 3 other ladies (Amy, Theresa and Wendy) discussing a “get together”, we posted it and others came.  By the day of the rally we had 24 units/camp sites booked.  The second year, we had 48.

Keep it simple.  Registration, welcome fire, maybe a craft time, show and tell (everyone loves that), round table discussions, pot luck, goodbye breakfast, etc.

Good luck.  If you have any questions, post them below.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Lion Country Safari

Mike, Abby and I stayed at the KOA in front of the Lion Country Safari near West Palm Beach, Florida for a week.  It was pricey (over $80 per night for full hookups) but neat to hear the lion roar and the gibbons whooping through the night and day.  By staying at the KOA you get a discount to the Lion Safari park.  It was $19 each for Mike and I and my parents were $28 each for be our registered guests.  At the park they give you a cd for the drive through, which is educational self-guided tour about the safari park and animals.  They also have rides for the kids, a water park, and more animals.  You can even walk up a large ramp to a platform to feed the giraffes.