Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Watching a Rocket Launch

Last night, Mike and I went to a beach in Cocoa Beach Florida to watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink 1.0 rocket launch.  Below is some video.  

As I was recording and watching, Mike had YouTube playing on his cell of the launch live.

Tips and Lessons Learned

  • Free was good but maybe next time we would pay the fee to be closer, there were two options to pay and see the launch…

1.       Space Center = General Admission + Launch Viewing about $120 per adult
2.       Exploration Tower = about $50 per person, not as close as the Space Center
  • If you choose to pay, get your tickets early as they sell out quick.
  • Get to your FREE site early.  We got to our viewing spot (below is the Google Map location) about 2 hours prior to get a legal and prime parking spot.

  • While waiting be sure to have snacks.  We stopped at Dairy Queen, before getting to our spot.  Maybe a movie for the kids in the car while waiting.
  • Be sure to dress for the weather.  Long pants, sweatshirts, light jacket, etc.
  • Take a flashlight that works.  We had a flashlight in the truck and realized the batteries were dead.  So unlike Mike to not be prepared.
  • Take a chair or a blanket to sit on.
  •  I noticed some kids had glow sticks, so that might be something fun to have.
  • Tide was coming in, so be aware as you are on the beach at night.
  • After the launch, there will be traffic so be aware of this as well as people crossing busy roads and traffic.
  • You can watch the launch from NASA on YouTube during and after.

For more information on future launches visit https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/launches-and-events/ web site.

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