Friday, January 3, 2020

Apps we use

This post is about apps we use for making reservations and checking the weather. is one of my favorites and most used. I use this to find camp grounds, overnight stays, check reviews, double check for low bridges and find a gas station near our route. Enter your location and use the filter as needed (for us we select pets allowed, no military or 55 over)…

You can also use this for trip planning. This app is FREE. Also NOTE: I post reviews after we stay.

Google Maps

I use Google maps (another FREE app) to help pick the location of our next stay. We have found that we only like to drive for about 4 hours, up to 5 hours max.

Passport America

Mike and I are members of Passport America; this membership cost about $40 per year, but offers a 50% discount at participating campgrounds. This app or website lists all the campgrounds, discounted rate, reviews and the stipulations for the discount for each campground. This membership paid for itself after a couple stays.

If interested in joining, click on the logo below and we will get the referral.

Thousand Trails

We are also members of Thousand Trails, We have two zones (Midwest and Southeast) and cost us about $539 for the year (we purchased in October and got $100 discount), but we get FREE camping for 14 day at a time stays. There are stipulations with this membership, but has been worth it for us to keep our cost of living expense low. Before we purchased the membership I was skeptical and thought all Thousand Trail parks packed you in like sardines but the several we stayed at in Texas and Florida were not that bad. I actually enjoy them. Our membership has paid for itself. Plus we get 20% off Encore park stays (we did not purchase the Trails Collection yet).

For more information on a membership please comment below with your email address and I will send you the information.


Mike and I use AllStays ( website (FREE version) to check out area campgrounds and reviews. Go to camping, select the state, nearest city and map view. Click on the icon and it will give you the contact info and reviews.

Now for weather, because it is important to know what you might be driving into or what living conditions you might be getting into.

Weather Bug

We use this to check out the weather for the day, especially “Moving” day. It has hour by hour and maps for you current locations and your favorites. FREE at Google Play Store.


It is important to know the speed of wind when traveling or living, because you might think you rig is heavy but wind can be damaging and dangerous, so we use Windfinder. This is also a FREE app at Google Play Store.

We are not affiliated with any of these organizations or apps, these are just our favorites that we use. This is just our opinion. Passport America and Thousand Trails does offer a referral program, it is no additional cost to you but helps us out.

What apps or website for camping or weather do you use and why? Let us know in the comments.

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